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Different URL Parameters for SAC Story

Good Evening Folks,

Today we will discuss the different URL Parameters that can be used to manipulate the opening of SAP Analytics Cloud Story. Basically there are few display parameters which helps to get the story opened in the desired way.

Let us discuss the URL Parameters one by one.


The first parameter is "mode", this parameter can be used to open the story in view mode, edit mode or embed mode.

In order to use the parameter to open the story directly in the edit mode, the URL has to have the parameter value edit. This is useful to developers, who have edit access to the story, to directly jump into editing the story without additional clicks.

https://<SAC STORY URL>?mode=edit

In edit mode, you can see the main menu, toolbar, and pagebar. Users can switch to view mode via the UI by clicking the view button. If a user doesn't have edit permissions, the user will be given a read-only view of the story.

In case you want to open the story directly in view mode, we can use the URL parameter value view to the "mode" parameter.

https://<SAC STORY URL>?mode=view

The next value we have for mode is present. This is useful when the user wants to directly open the story in the presentation mode.

https://<SAC STORY URL>?mode=present

In presentation mode the pagebar is visible, but the main menu is removed and the toolbar is hidden. The toolbar will appear if you hover the mouse over the top of the pagebar.

The page parameter is useful when the user wants to open a specific page directly without requiring to navigate from the different pages one-by-one or without any additional clicks.

https://<SAC STORY URL>?page=n
(n is page number)

Lets say a scenario, where we have pages "Summary", "Sales Margin" and "YoY growth", and you have two sets of end users like Sales Managers and FP&A analysts.

We can share the URL with page=2(for the second page) for the sales managers and page=3(for the third page) for the FP&A Analysts. And they can bookmark these URLs to save time for navigation.

In the screenshot we can see the 3 pages and the default page that would always open is the "Summary" Page.

Now by using the URL parameter we will directly navigate the second page.


This parameter can be used to set the language your story will be displayed in.

<language> should be set to an ISO 639-1 two letter language code or a concatenation with an ISO 3166-1 two letter country code. For example, en or en-us.

https://<SAC STORY URL>?lang=en

These are some of the useful URL display parameters that are handy for achieving specific display functionality for SAC stories. Happy Learning!

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