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Interested in Data Science Career? (Part -1)

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

If you are interested in pursuing career in Data Analytics/Data Science domain..there is no better time than to start NOW....!

Firstly, you have to evaluate yourself how much domain knowledge you have.

To start off , learn Visualization tools starting with Excel and then Tableau.

Udemy has one of the best Tableau learning courses, personally i have tried few and it really did help a lot with my learning.

The tutor is

from SuperData Science Team.

Below are the few links which would be helpful to get started.

Basic Course :

Incase if you are already familiar with basics, you can directly go to

Advanced Course:

You can always get free version of tableau Public(Free for lifetime to practice!!)

Get your public version here :

Additionally, if you have free time to explore, do checkout few visualizations created by me:

Disclaimer: All these published content is from my personal experience, the data sets and visualizations are provided by SuperData Science team.

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