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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Training

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

If you are looking to learn SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) through theory and hands-on sessions , then you can read through, for the different options that are available with us.

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Currently ,we have different offerings based on the size of the participants group and availability as below:

  1. One on one training.

  2. Corporate Training.

  3. Small Group Training (5-10 participants).

  4. Weekend workshop.

All the above mentioned trainings will only be provided Online(Virtual). We have a team of trainers who are well experienced with SAC , PowerBI and Tableau, with 10+ years of Business intelligence and Data Analysis experience.

Note : Please note that these trainings are not for certifications, but for you to learn and use the SaaS offering in your day to day work. It is very comprehensive and provides detailed learning about Augmented Analytics, Planning and Reporting(BI) capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

The topics that are majorly covered in SAC training is as below:

Course Curriculum – Course Duration – 40 hours.

Module 1: Overview of SAP Analytics Cloud

1. Overview of SAP Analytics Cloud

2. Benefits & Core Functionalities of SAP Analytics Cloud

3. Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid

4. Preparation, Sharing, and Collaboration

5. Understanding SAP Analytics Cloud Clients

Module 2: Connections and Data Models

1. Overview of Connections

2. Data Preparation: Basic Modeling

3. Performing Basic Data Modeling

Module 3: Building Story / Analytical Applications

1. Basic Story Design

2. Storytelling: Visualization, Basic Calculation, and Formatting

3. Data Integration with SAP BW/4 HANA and SAP Universes

4. Advanced Story Design

5. Analytic Applications/Analytic Designer

Module 4: SAP Analytics Cloud Planning

1. Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud

2. Creating a Planning Data Model

Module 5: Augmented Analytics

1. Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive

2. Exploring with Smart Assist

3. Simplifying Predictive with Smart Predict

Module 6: Users, Roles, Security and Administration

1. Defining Users, Teams, Roles, and Security

2. Performing Administration Tasks

Module 7: Digital Boardroom and Consumption of Content

1. Creating Presentations with SAP Analytics Cloud Digital Boardroom

2. SAP Analytics Catalog

3. SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile

The course would cover all the 7 modules with 5 modules covering both Theory and Hands-on session (Modules 1- 5). The participants will be provided with the SAP Analytics Cloud account for practice.

The training can be customized based on the topics requested by the participants, and also can be conducted based on the participants availability even over the weekends to manage their regular work schedule.

For costing and other details related to trainings,

contact :


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